Instagramming Wasatch Back

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This is what I put up on Instagram during Ragnar Wasatch Back, including two of the photos that made my team famous. Enjoy!

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Ragnar Wasatch Back

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This past weekend was my third Ragnar Relay. It was my first one outside Nevada. We went to Wasatch Back, where Ragnar was born. After a rainy start, the weather turned gorgeous.

On Ragnar’s blog, there are a couple of posts about how beautiful it was, and about the people who make it great. There are a couple of my Instagram photos there. 

Can’t wait until team Legs Miserables joins up again in Vegas!

I Knew This Would Find Me

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Today was my first day out running in 3 weeks- the first time I thought it would be OK to test my injury.
A lot can go through your head when you are questioning how sound your own body is. I made it my entire mile and a quarter, not feeling perfect, but feeling more like myself. The weeks is a long time to be away from yourself.
On the way back I found this be the side of the road.
Who couldn’t use a little helpful advice?



MobilECG goes open source

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Never giving up on a project that could benefit people is a great thing.



After a failed crowdfunding campaign, MobilECG has gone open source. MobilECG is a medical grade 12 lead electrocardiograph. A 12 lead system is quite a bit more complex than some of the ECG systems we have featured in the past.  [Péter], the founder and designer of the device attempted to fund it through an Indiegogo campaign. While MobilECG is relatively cheap, medical certifications are not. The campaign didn’t reach its goal of $230,000 USD. [Péter] tried again with a grass-roots donation round at his website. That round also fell short of [Péter’s] goal to keep working on the project. Rather than let his hard work go to waste, [Péter] has made the decision to release his hardware and software to the community. The hardware is licensed under CERN OHL v1.2. The software is released under the humorously named WTFPL.

While we’re not ECG experts, the basic hardware design…

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Hit and Run – a new 5k

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I just signed up for a new race. Marisa finds all the cool ones in town and tells me about them. The conversation generally goes the direction of : “So we’re doing this, right? Signing up right now?”


Whacking-Wall Slippery-Slopes

And the answer is always yes. Because saying “yes” is almost always more interesting than saying “no”. (Say “yes more often. Especially when you’re undecided.)

This race is called the Hit and Run 5k. It looks like a bouncy-castle/Wipe Out/dodge-ball/water/foam kind of race. How could I say no to something like that? Especially with such a convincing promo video.

That’s going to be March 1st in Vegas. Now there are LOTS of us signed up. This has become A Thing.

Film on the Side of the Road

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I was out running and saw this on the side of the road.

Negative - in it's scratched up glory

Negative – in it’s scratched up glory

It was in a puddle, scratched up and starting to curl. I picked it up and brought it home. I got my film scanner out of the closet to see if I could get a good image from it.

I found a family’s Christmas.


Photobombing from the center of the table

Is that a hand-wreath flag?

Is that a hand-wreath flag?

At least it's not a single, sawed-off antler

At least it’s not a single, sawed-off antler

They're proudly holding something. Is it a baby? A roast beast?

They’re proudly holding something. Is it a baby? A roast beast?


Bang! Zoom!

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I’m all for it. Let’s go back to the moon!

The Universe On A Whim

A number of years ago I was visiting a planetarium and found in the lobby both Moon and Mars globes for sale. At the time I did not have much in the way of money and the globes were not cheap. After a long debate with myself I decided that I would have to postpone the purchase. If I had known then how rare it was to find them for sale I might have chosen differently; it was a long wait to find one again. But thanks to I now have a handsome twelve inch Moon globe sitting majestically on my piano, and that means the time has come for a post about the Moon.

The Moon as seen with the naked eye is tiny. Most people do not realize just how tiny it is. My favorite illustration of this comes from Cecil Adams’ column The Straight Dope:…

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