Bang! Zoom!

I’m all for it. Let’s go back to the moon!

The Universe On A Whim

A number of years ago I was visiting a planetarium and found in the lobby both Moon and Mars globes for sale. At the time I did not have much in the way of money and the globes were not cheap. After a long debate with myself I decided that I would have to postpone the purchase. If I had known then how rare it was to find them for sale I might have chosen differently; it was a long wait to find one again. But thanks to I now have a handsome twelve inch Moon globe sitting majestically on my piano, and that means the time has come for a post about the Moon.

The Moon as seen with the naked eye is tiny. Most people do not realize just how tiny it is. My favorite illustration of this comes from Cecil Adams’ column The Straight Dope:…

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~ by jesstracey on January 30, 2014.

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