Cranking up again

This was my prize from the Extraterrestrial Full Moon 51k

This was my prize from the Extraterrestrial Full Moon 51k


It’s been a while. Sorry. It was a busy year, full of a lot of suck. Some good, but mostly a lot of suck. Let’s not talk about the suck, and focus on the good. It almost entirely involves running.

Last year I won my first running prize ever – first place for Cirque employees in the annual Run Away with Cirque du Soleil 5k. It was completely unexpected, and I was pretty happy with myself.

Later on, in the summer, I ran my first ultramarathon! That alone was enough to be excited about. But not only did I run it, I won 3rd place overall for women! This was the final distance offered for the Extraterrestrial Full Moon race put on by Calico racing. Still my favorite racing event. I love it every time I’m out there.

Even later that year, I ran the Las Vegas Ragnar Relay. My team was 3 people short, so Van 1 became Car 1, with 3 of us running twice the legs – kind of an ultra-van. It was hard, and great.

Even more later, I ran a marathon. I was at the end of my running season and just wanted to have fun and take it easy. I ended up with PR by over half an hour! WOOHOO! It makes me wonder how I would’ve done if I had run it hard.

Also, I started running with a meetup group. Seriously, if these people weren’t so damn cool, I would be able to sleep in Saturday mornings and run later in the day. But they rock, and it makes me realize what an awesome community runners have.

This year is going to be interesting for me too.

I’m going to run the Great Wall Marathon in China. There’s much training to be done. Pimsleur Mandarin has been like learning to sing.

I’m also trying to remember all that stuff I learned in college. You know, the science stuff. Circuits and math and projects. Because I miss it. My job doesn’t have too much to do with that stuff, so I’m doing it on my own. I have my own “class schedule” for re-learning things I haven’t used in eons, new texts for stuff I really never dealt with much on my own anyway (Hello, IEEE Brown Book!) plus a bit of work related material. Plowing through Projection Displays has been tough… but I think it’ll be good in the end.

Seriously. I'm such a nerd.

Seriously. I’m such a nerd.


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