Property of Ones Close-Up of the Words

2013-04-30_12-02-59_455 2013-04-30_12-03-59_886

You can see how the scales of each stitch worked out – or kind of didn’t. The main stitches were a full square, but the words I had to estimate halfsies. They are not pretty. If someone (who is better at this kind of thing than me) had patience, I’m betting they could actually make these words look pretty good.

My advice here is: Use only a strand or two of the 6-stranded floss. Anything thicker is just going to muddy the words up, and you won’t be able to see what you’re doing.

And: Don’t sweat it too much. The words are tiny. People will probably not be coming within inches of your humorous artwork and criticizing the details. Unless they’re serious cross-stitchers, in which case they might be able to help you with a better pattern. Most people will be agreeing with you, and asking if you happen to have any Cold Ones.

Keep those friends. Have Cold Ones with them.



~ by jesstracey on April 30, 2013.

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