Ragnar Las Vegas – Will You Rub My Legs? Finished!

I have completed my first Ragnar race! My team finished in about 32 hours, covering about 197 miles, from Mount Charleston to Lake Las Vegas.

We had some issues from the start – One runner never showed. Never let us know she wasn’t coming, never responded to us, unfriended people on the facebooks. She was in Van 1, and they covered her legs. But, weird, ya know?

Race day didn’t start off the best. I borrowed a van from a friend. In the early hours of the morning I got outside into the cloudy, cold morning. (Cold is not my best atmosphere, by a long shot). I start loading the van, then get ready to move. Nothing. No electrical components functioning at all. CRAP. At least we had hours to go until we met up with Van 1 at Exchange 6.

Well, it wasn’t all doom. The friend I borrowed it from came and replaced the battery. Turns out, an interior light had been left on and drained it.

Tony and I piled in and went to pick up the rest of our team. We made it to Exchange 6, did the safety dance and got our bibs. We decided to hang out in an Einstein’s Bagels while we waited. We got to know each other a bit. We seem to have come to the team in pairs, generally. Michelle knew people from Van 1, Cyndi and Hector came together, Tony got suckered into it by me, and Laura and her (non-runner) boyfriend rounded out the group.

Temporary tattoo of the Ragnar logo… Temporary, right?

I was Runner 7, the first runner from Van 2 to go out on a leg. That meant that I had to be ready first, and get out to be ready to take the slap bracelet from Runner 6. It felt SO GOOD to finally be on the running part of the race! There’s a lot of stress of being in charge of the van and getting first aid kits and coolers and stuff, getting people where they had to be, and making sure everyone had a chance to get whatever they needed, not to mention all the training that went into getting ready to go. As soon as I was running though, I didn’t have to care. The running was the easiest part of the race.

One of my favorite vans – Curry in a Hurry – a group of Indian runners decked their van out like an elephant with light up tusks! Close second, Kilty Pleasures, who had a giant bagpipe on their van and ran in kilts!

Ragnar considers legs that start after 3:45 pm or before 6:30 am to be nighttime legs, complete with flashy lights and reflective dork vests. I didn’t start my leg until about 4 pm, so I was decked out and ready to go. I also had an earbud in. All my legs I spent using the Zombies, Run app. While running, I was saving kids from zombies, distracting zombies from people in trouble, and collecting supplies. SO MUCH FUN. Especially on the legs in the middle of the night. I ran better than expected for my first and last leg, despite them adding an unexpected mile on me.

Sleep while you can!

We slept when we could, at the major exchanges mostly, since we were running legs otherwise. It wasn’t easy. And some teams were grafitti-ing vans. Piles of poo (we think) and tramp stamps (boobies) were drawn on vans, we think while we were sleeping.

That yellow scribble thing? We’re pretty sure that’s a pile of poo. We got kind of a kick out of that.

In general I think people ran really well, and had a lot of fun with the challenge. I’m so doing another one of these! Besides, lots of the views were gorgeous.

Sunset over Lake Las Vegas, day 2 of the race.

The next morning I had another race to do, Elann’s Run Mob. I even convinced Kelly, from Van 1, to run this with me. She’s a really cool person, and I’m glad I got to spend this time with her.

Kelly and me at the start line of our second race, Elann’s Run Mob, with the Vegas Strip in the background.


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