Minor Wound Adventures

Last week I was injured at the gym. It’s not actually serious at all, but it did create a bloody mess and I went to urgent care to have it looked at by a doc to see if I needed stitches. The doctor (who looked like Jack Nicholson, if he were friendly, and a ginger) said I didn’t and just bandaged me up and sent me off. Which was fine. It was a pinch wound that popped the skin of my index finger open. Didn’t even hurt much. Now it’s just a blood blister. No biggie, but it does look pretty gross.

By the end of the week I got tired of explaining exactly how it got pinched, and that no, it didn’t hurt. I decided on Saturday that my wound was going to become a super-villain. Thus The Blood Blister was born:

He seemed OK to drive, so I let him take the wheel on the way to work. I was surprised that he particularly liked the techno my iPod decided to provide as evil theme music. (Sometime I should figure out where I got a drag-queen techno song… weird.)

He spent the day wiggling at people, coming up with legions of sidekicks (Hang Nail was my favorite) and wreaking the sort of dark, dark havoc that looks like this when you take a picture:

Trust me, there’s bloody evil goin on in here.

At the end of the day he enjoyed a glass of wine and stripped off his cape. Only to realize that his fatal weakness was stripping down to skin. And so he was no more.


~ by jesstracey on September 8, 2012.

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