Dragged Behind The Wagon

Last weekend I had some friends over to hang out in my pool (I have a waterfall!) and try to escape the literally record breaking heat. It got to 114 degrees, the hottest it’s been on July 10th since 2003. And HUMID…. for Vegas that is.

We spent hours and hours in the pool, got hungry and decided to grill. This is the part where I fell off the wagon.

I have been eating so well. Not vegan, but close. Lots of raw food. Every now and then I’d have something that would make me a bad vegetarian, or maybe a pescatarian, but for the most part I’ve been eating nice, healthy plant stuff and feeling really good. On Monday I had meat. Bratwurst. Some chicken. A burger. That night I had potato chips with french onion dip.

The next day, my gut was not happy. It was like a gastronomic hang-over. Bad choice. Baaad choice. I just wanted to curl up and sleep all day, except it’s still a million degrees so that’d be uncomfortable too. Today I still sort of feel it. But you don’t really get over being dragged by the wagon in a day. My run was more than slightly uncomfortable, but I did it anyway.

It does pretty much guarantee that I’ll be eating nice vegan meals until at least August 4th though. (And that I probably won’t be celebrating my second marathon with a steak, as nice an idea as it sounds.)

Oh, and as a bonus – if I eat raw foods I don’t have to do any heat-cooking in the zillion degree Vegas summer. Yay!


~ by jesstracey on July 11, 2012.

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