This is such a good idea!

I’ve been trying to encourage my friend Marisa to run a 10k since we ran the Mad Mud Run in April. That was about 4.6 miles. She can totally do it. Right now she’s even training for the Tough Mudder in October, and that’s 10 miles, with obstacles. She’s a friggin’ badass.

Anyway, in trying to get her to do this, I promised that I would run a 10k with her. I gave her a few choices of races that were coming up. Well, talking about it in the green room, we ended up getting others to join in. We’re going to plan a race for World Run Day on November 11. It’s basically a make-your-own-event, not timed, bibs if you want them, shirts if you want them, pick your own course kind of fun thing. We’re going to have so much fun with this!

Also, this discussion lead to talks of races and hikes we’ve all wanted to do. For me, it’s Ragnar. Almost 200miles of running, from Mount Charleston down to Lake Mead, running day and night, hopping with two vans down the rim of the Vegas Valley. So yesterday I started by making myself a profile on the Ragnar page and trying to find a team, and I think I have a possible team already.

Here’s the fun part – Ragnar is from November 9th to the 10th. World Run Day is on the 11th. I’m going to be doing a back-to-back 24hr relay race and a 10k early the next morning.

Maybe my friends are right… I’m crazy. And it’s awesome.


~ by jesstracey on July 5, 2012.

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