When Your Co-Workers All Call You The Crazy One

I’m getting closer and closer to my second marathon, the ET Full Moon Marathon in Rachel, Nevada. 26.2 miles of the Extraterrestrial Highway in the moonlight with aliens alongside me.

And now I’m getting reading to head into it for my third race. I’ve done the 10k and half-marathon distances. This year is the full. Next year I want to hit the 51k. 31.7miles later, I will have mastered all distances that this event offers. It gives me the shivers. Next year I will be an ultramarathoner!

But working up to that, my co-workers are getting used to me running a lot. I’ve been passing up our late nights at the pub so that I can be fresh for my runs in the morning. I’ve been getting up crazy early in order to get my long runs in before the heat. Saturday I got up at 4:30am, to be out the door by 5am for my 18-miler. Then I took a cold bath and a short nap and left for work at 3ish and didn’t get home again until midnight.

For this they call me crazy. How can I do this and not crash, only lightly caffeinated? How can I still be alive, let alone feeling good? (That cold bath probably helped me more than the nap did, really. Gonna have to remember that.)

I can do it because I learned to love running.

I have friends who are just starting to run and asking me for advice. I always tell them it’s going to hurt at first. And that they’ll get through it. It gets better. It gets LOTS better. I just wish I could teach someone to love running for what it is, not for what it can do for them. That’s what will really keep people going.

I’m getting antsy just thinking about getting out there tomorrow. I’m going barefoot in the grass tomorrow! How fun!


~ by jesstracey on July 1, 2012.

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