Dog Sitting Can be Damp

I’m dog sitting for a couple friends for a few days. I thought, “Great! My lonely dog will hang out with his bestie and things will be lollipops and roses!”

We got to Piper’s place and set up shop. Pipes was seeming a little down so I sat down on the floor with her to pet her and cheer her up. Piccolo comes from nowhere and chases her away. Odd… he never seemed to be the jealous type before …

I go to work and come back. I can’t get Piper to eat. Piccolo wants all the attentions. I am sleepy. OK, let’s call it a night and try again tomorrow.

I get into bed. Piccolo, who NEVER wants to sleep in my bed, becomes Snuggle Master Supreme. Piper seems to be sulking in the kitchen for the night despite my invite for a sleepover.

“What’s that smell…” I start to wonder.

“What’s that wet feeling next to me…”

DAMMIT. Someone peed in my bed.


Suspect #1 - Piper.


Suspect #2 - Piccolo

I can’t even be sure who it was. I was just hoping the bedwetter wasn’t the one who was sharing the couch with me.


~ by jesstracey on June 15, 2012.

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