Buddy Guy and Motherfuckin’ Ketchup

I’ve had a pretty awesome weekend.

I took Saturday off work to go see Buddy Guy and Quinn Sullivan at the Smith Center. I don’t remember the last time I saw anyone so friggin happy to be onstage doing their thing. Everything he did he did for the fun of it, and he did it well. The stories, going into the house (and then through the house, and then up onto one of the balconies), singing and playing the whole way. He was followed by some very serious dudes who didn’t look terribly happy that he was doing it, but not surprised either. That was a good night.

Sunday I ran 12 miles. It was pretty good. Sat in a cold bath while I ate my lunch. Turns out running a lot makes you hungry. Who knew?

Then came the motherfuckin’ ketchup. I was out of ketchup, and I took it as a chance to finally try making some of my own. It takes a shit ton of tomatoes, a whole lot of time, but it’s easy and it is absolutely worth it. I had to use one of my biggest pots, plus the ginormous pot that I actually use for the water bath canning process (it holds a couple of gallons) to get the 12 pounds (TWELVE!) of tomatoes and onions to start boiling down. Then I dumped them into the two smaller (but still pretty big) pots. This is what they looked like post draining and (because I don’t have the patience to sieve and I don’t have a food mill either) putting the “meat” of the tomatoes through the food processor so that I had more than just tomato juice, but it was basically just fine, fine pulp.

Something I discovered is that hot ketchup is a motherfuckin’ bitch when it’s hot. Word of warning: ketchup gets angry when it’s boiling down. It bubbles hard, and when those bubbles pop you will be burned. Wear riot gear if possible. Prepare to use magic golf words. I have no pictures of this long, long part of the process. It took about an hour and a half… The stove was covered with tomato gore, and my arms and ankles were periodically scorched as the boiling ketchup made its wicked revenge on me. I have burn blisters on my hands. Please, take precautions.

I used a recipe from Home Preserving from the Ball Jar people. I’ve had issues with their recipes before – the amount it makes never seems to match the number of jars they claim they’ll fill. I made a half-recipe, and it filled one half-jar less than their whole recipe. (Not the first time that’s happened.) I really should have let it boil down a bit more… but it was hot, and I was feeling the wrath of angry tomatoes. However, this is the best damn ketchup I’ve ever tasted. I’ll eat this stuff by the spoonful. I never thought I’d say that about ketchup. Ooooh muh gawd. This is good stuff. If you make one condiment this year, make your own ketchup.


~ by jesstracey on May 21, 2012.

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