My friends are saving my running.

This wasn’t how I planned it.

Last year, before I went to Athens to run the marathon, I thought this was going to happen:

  • I would start my streak and continue for a year. (Because a mile a day minimum seems like nothing when you’ve done 20 mile long weekend runs.)
  • I would do a marathon a year from now on. 5ks are only for fun-sies. I’m a big girl now and can run so far that 3 miles hardly matters.
  • I would lift weights like I was before I had to divert my energy to running.


This is what has actually happened:

  • I started to burn out, 127 days into my 366 (Damn you Leap Year for messing with The Plan!) day streak.
  • I still want to do a marathon a year, but began to be seriously discouraged. I haven’t been lifting as much as I probably should be.
  • My friends came to my rescue and convinced me to do races that I’d never even heard of.


Last Saturday I ran in the Run Away with Cirque du Soleil and placed (yeah, I feel like I can use that word) 10th in my age/gender group, 196 out of 946 overall. WAY better than I thought my unwilling muscles were interested in doing.

Here’s why: my friends.

They made running fun for me again. Running a short race with them reminded me that I had fun doing this. They tell me about obstacle course races that I should do with them. Now I’m doing the Mad Mud run in April, and the Run for Your Life (Zombies! need I say more??) in October.

I now feel like I can make my streak last a full year. I feel like my runs have a point – fun.

Anyone who happens to read this and skips over everything, I just want to you read my last sentence here:

Make your runs FUN.


~ by jesstracey on March 25, 2012.

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