If Gramps Were a Time Lord

Last week Gramps went to a doctor’s appointment and was scheduled for immediate surgery. Things were scary. He’s on the opposite side of the country, so I couldn’t rush to be with my family. A tough question to be asked: why aren’t you on a plane?

A long time ago my grandfather, Gramps as we call him, gave me a pocket watch. It’s brass and winds up and ticks like a real pocket watch should. The problem with it has always been that it didn’t close- the latch had worn down so it couldn’t catch the lip of the cover. It was still an incredibly cool gift for a small kid. I’ve kept it in a velvet jewelry box all these years, thinking that one day I would try to fix it.

You know how you know that I've had this since I was little? It's on a piece of string.

While I was home getting texts from my siblings I’ve been watching a lot of Doctor Who. Human Nature and The Family of Blood in particular. In these episodes the Doctor has a fob watch that he stores his Time Lord-iness in to hide from a race that needs his life to survive.

This reminded me of the pocket watch Gramps gave me. I pulled it out if the jewelry box that was holding it closed and it sprung open. I really looked at it for the first time in years. I never realized the glass over the face was actually plastic. Or that the back opens up sort of like a locket. I pried off the plastic to see if I had any shot of fixing the watch without screwing it up. I didn’t.

Gramps had his surgery. Double bypass and a valve replacement. My grandfather is now part cow. I think that’s actually cool they can make that work.

I got the watch fixed. I started wondering what might have happened if Gramps had been a Time Lord. Would the watch have held some sort of magic for his recovery? Have I avoided his death by fixing it? How many times has he saved the world while nobody noticed?


~ by jesstracey on March 16, 2012.

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