Are You Sure That’s Clean?

A while ago I wrote that I made some soap. It’s ready to be used now, and here it is!

And here are the aforementioned orange parts, blemishing what would otherwise be a beautiful, sparkly bar of soap.

This is a recipe of Salt Castille. Castille because it’s only oil is olive oil (and that’s how it’s defined), and salt because about half of its mass is made up of coarse-ish sea salt. Which is why it’s sparkly and smells like an ocean breeze. If you like the smell of ocean breezes, that’s awesome! I’m not so big on it, but hey, I got some nice soap.

Those oranges spots though… I dunno. I’m guessing my stored-in-Las-Vegas oils aren’t as fresh as the soap wanted them to be. The soap itself doesn’t seem to be suffering much. This soap might suffer from the soap version of acne, but it’s still a functioning member of soap society, and doesn’t need your boutique prejudices!

I have about 3lbs of this stuff to go through, and I’m going to give it the lovin’ it deserves.


The next curing bunch of soap is Sandalwood and Sweet Orange. I fully expect soap acne in this batch now, since the oil I used was slightly older than the olive oil I used for the Salt Castille.

Here it is, sitting in my curin’ cupboard. Waiting to be allowed out.



~ by jesstracey on February 15, 2012.

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