Seventy-One Foil Stars

Yesterday I passed my TENTH WEEK STRAIGHT of running at least one mile a day. Ten weeks! PLUS a day! That means that on my calendars I have amassed seventy-one foil stars.

I haven’t been putting in real mileage doing this. I really did need to take it easy after the Athens Classic Marathon. The holidays were coming  up, and I needed some time to just have fun with the things that marathon training didn’t give me time for. Like video games. Not a lot of video game playing on the road, doncha know. But now I think I’m mentally and physically ready to push again.

I also feel like having run at least a mile a day has kept my muscles from doing much decaying. I know I’m not storing fuel the same way – glycogen stores have shrunk, fat stores have gone up. But I’m still in a good place. I already feel like I’m not starting from scratch.

What surprises me now is that it wasn’t as hard as I expected it was going to be. Especially when I was looking ahead at the two weeks of my work schedule being screwy. Meaning I had to work at 10am (or 8 or 9, depending on training things I got scheduled for). AM?? Cripes! I thought that was only the part of day for doing the Walk of Shame or doctor’s appointments. Normal humans shouldn’t have to be up that early. It also messes up my sense of what I should be eating, and makes me feel generally less willing to be active. So I also have what I call my “Dark fat”. (Dark because that’s what it’s called when the show isn’t on. Not because it has an evil, pointy beard or anything. It’s not sinister. Geeze.)

As you can see from the calendar, I’m getting ready to start some actual training. As of Tuesday, I will be starting a couple months of Brain Training to see how I like it before pushing for my next planned marathon, the E.T. Full Moon Midnight Marathon out at Area 51. Here I go!



~ by jesstracey on January 30, 2012.

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