Late to the Party. At Least There’s Cake.

I haven’t been much of a gamer. I either wasn’t interested, was denied the time with the Nintendo, or didn’t have the time. In my downtime, since I haven’t been training for a marathon, I decided to give Portal a try.

So now I admit it. I want to be a gamer. I’ve beefed up my RAM to the max, ordered as big a hard drive as I could, and am waiting for my new gaming mouse to show up. I’m just a bit disappointed that more awesome games aren’t out there for the Mac. Disappointing. But there are always alternatives. I just need to find them. Any advice for the n00b?

I’m making way too many cake jokes, and looking at the world thinking, if I could put a portal there, and then there, I could end up on the roof of that building and then….

I also want to make the Portal cake for my birthday. I may even decorate it with fish shaped crackers and sediment shaped sediment. Because that’s in the ingredient list.  I will probably use the Geeky Chef’s recipe. It’s here.


~ by jesstracey on January 10, 2012.

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