Illegal Cupcakes

I was made aware of a recipe for cupcakes. The events that took place after awareness are not of my own volition. These cupcakes should be illegal. Or maybe I should just say the Devil made me do it.

This is the recipe. That’s right. A chocolate cupcake. A wad of peanut butter – chocolate chip cookie dough. And toasted marshmallow frosting. Right out of the oven, it has the perfect crust and goo of a marshmallow over a nice campfire, minus the ashiness, and ball of fire.

Nothing is difficult. The frosting just requires a bit of whipping and knowing when to quit. I quit slightly to soon, but the results are just as good. Just not as pretty.

Whoever said the Devil needed something to be pretty to be evil?

MAKE THEM. MAKE THEM SOON, but please do not make them alone.



~ by jesstracey on December 20, 2011.

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