Streaking and Foil Stars

I made the mistake, only once, of not setting a goal for after accomplishing a goal.

Last year I ran my first half marathon in December. I spent a good half a year preparing for it. I ran my but quite literally off, lifted weights, abstained from boozing with friends nights before I had workouts. I put a lot of work in over that six months.

Then the race came, and I rocked it. And then, nothing.

I had nothing to work for anymore. I had a 5k in mind in the spring, but that was months and months away. It was the beginning of winter, when there is nothing but cold waiting for you outside if you don’t have a good reason to be there. And I didn’t . It was depressing.

I spent a lot of time doing nothing much. It was funny, but the more time I spent running or planning my workouts, the more I got done in the rest of my life too. Now that I didn’t have anything to work into my daily activities, my daily activities wandered off with my running plans. I never quite got to the weepy “what am I doing with my life” stage, but I could see it was a distinct threat.

I just finished my first marathon. And I didn’t want to see the depression on the other side of that massive hill of accomplishment. The easiest thing to do is to plan for other races. And I decided to do a little something else too. I’m going to be a streaker!

Streaking (for runners) is not about running around naked. No thanks. Running clothes are light and airy enough for me, thank you. Streaking is kind of a long-term goal, where you go as long as you can, running at least one mile a day.

One mile doesn’t seem that difficult. I figured out that going once around my block (if I include a cul-de-sac) makes about a mile. I can do it easily and safely from home, with my trusty dog for company.

But this is one mile minimum, EVERY day. Days you feel sick, or apathetic, or really crunched for time. Running a mile when you’re pulling a week of something like 16 hour days will feel like the last thing I ever ever want to do, and I imagine many golf words will come out of this sometimes.

But I’m going to want my foil star. Elementary school teachers everywhere really knew what they were doing with those things. It’s hard to argue with someone who’s been earning foil stars.

So far, I have two of them.



~ by jesstracey on November 21, 2011.

One Response to “Streaking and Foil Stars”

  1. Congrats to finishing your first Marathon..and in Athens, no less! I’m impressed by your determination to run a mile every single day, keep on keepin’ up!

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