Geia Sou, Athena!

I’m getting ready for my big trip to Athens. I gotta say, I’m a little nervous.

I’ve spent months and months training for this marathon, THE marathon, the mother of all marathons, FROM marathon to Athens. I’ve spent hours and hours learning some basic Greek so I can argue with the bellhop about the change he owes me for my newspaper (Thanks, Pimsleur!) or talk about the dog being dirty and wet (Thanks, Rosetta!).

But since my first aspirations to run in Greece like the Phidipedes that probably never existed anyway, things seem to Have Gone Horribly Horribly Wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going, but I’m starting to think my vacation photo album may end up resembling a Hollywood Blockbuster instead of an Indie movie.

Kyria Papandreou, you make me nervous, sir. I’m very happy that you survived your confidence vote. No doubt you had your doubts. I hope the casserole you brought to the pot luck made all the difference. I realize this may seem very selfish, but would you mind keeping the country calm for about a week or so? Thousands of guests are about to descend on Greece, with all their foreign money and running shoes. Thousands of us! Let us do a little bit to help you! In return all we ask is that you let us run a crazy long ways through the countryside, and not get caught up in things like riots and bonfires in non-approved bonfire pits. (You might be interested in speaking to a certain spokesman we have. Don’t be afraid of the fur.) Please?



~ by jesstracey on November 5, 2011.

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