Brass Plaque

I’m still working out my issues with current, but I think I’ll have them set in the next day or two.

Meanwhile, as a quick experiment, I decided to try my luck with the brass plate that I want to put onto the box to make it look all real and stuff.

The brass plate I bought online. It’s 22 gauge and cut to 2″ by 3″. I shiny-ed it all up with some Brasso, and then put my template on it. The template was printed with a laser printer onto some photo paper – this lets the toner sit on top and not get soaked into the paper. We want toner (When do we want it? NOW!). Thick toner.

The toner was transferred to the brass by a magical process we call “Ironing”. Surprisingly easy, and if I had taken my time with it it might have come out beautiful and perfect, which is not actually what I wanted. I wanted old looking. And I wanted not to really go through the whole brass electro-etching process. I don’t have time right now. But I thought just the toner on brass might provide enough of the look that I don’t have to. The “damage of the years” looks pretty good to me.

So far, pretty good. I have a few more blanks, so I might try again, but I think this is entirely serviceable for a dark room.



~ by jesstracey on October 12, 2011.

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