Quick! Find me the 10kΩ Resistors!

Today I’m rushing to get something deliverable to bring to work tomorrow for the Halloween “Electric Chair of Doom” control box.

Yesterday, after running 18miles, I was almost 100% useless. Which left me only one day to bring the goods. I thought this would be simple –  so simple.

And yet it’s coming down to a bunch of little things like, “Find the 10kΩ and 100Ω resistors in this poorly organized box of electronic components I’ve had kicking around since college!”

And “Why isn’t this theoretically very simple thing not working how I think it should in my not-actually-very-well-planned-head?”

I’ve had a few “DUH!” moments. But not quite enough. Yet.

I’m getting there. But I only have until tomorrow! EEP! Now I’m staring at the code and wondering if the Arduino knows something I don’t about wtf is up with the digitialWrite and why I’m only getting less than a volt on output with a closed switch. I’m sure it’s simple. I’m sure I’m overlooking something very simple. I just need to think clearly and realize that the circuit can only do what I tell it to do. Skynet is not active in my house quite yet.


~ by jesstracey on October 10, 2011.

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