Today I have run farther

Today my goal was to run 18 miles. In a row.

I’ve been training for the Athens Classic Marathon, from Marathon, Greece, to Athens since July. I printed out a training plan and put it up on the wall. I give myself little foil stars every day I do a run that I was supposed to. I’ve only missed four runs. And since they’re always in front of me, and I know I’ll remind myself about them later, I make sure I never miss them “just because”. I have to be sick, or really need a training break.

Today my goal was not to walk much. I didn’t need to push, just get through the distance.

This morning I woke up later than I had initially intended to. On my way home from work I got stuck in traffic. It took me 50 minutes to get past the accident that was not actually very far in front of me. When I finally made it to the scene, I started counting cars. I got to 8, but it looked like there were a few more that got moved or taken away before I rolled through. There were no people.  Sad, very very sad, and surreal.

Anyway, I got home way later than I meant to, so decided it would be better to set the alarm later. (Hey, when you don’t normally get home until midnight, 6am is f’in EARLY.)

Today I ran 18 miles around my neighborhood.

It was cool and bright, just enough breeze to be useful without being cold. It was the perfect day for running. I wasn’t sapped by scorching sun, I wasn’t way too tired to enjoy it, and I got all the way through without feeling like I was going to die.

Today was a good day.

Get out and run!


~ by jesstracey on October 9, 2011.

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