The Other Halloween Project – Electric Chair!

The phonograph is on temporary hold while I puzzle out some brackets and gear suchnots, so I decided to do something constructive on the second Halloween gadget. I’m making a control box for an electric chair.

Brent made me a wooden box out of old shelving from his new house. (Thanks Brent! You rock!) It’s actual Real Wood© and doesn’t need any sort of special treatment to look old, which makes me all giddy.

Here’s the box in 3/4 profile, to make it look epic.

Here’s the box, arms akimbo, to look even more epic.

Anyway, some pieces of trash and detritus from off the road, and some bits I had from Radio Shack got themselves all stuck on the front of the box. (Dirty…)

My intentions from here are:

  • Etch that brass plaque me own self with something cool, learning a nice crafting skill in the process.
  • Make or get someone else to make a big prop double throw knife switch, that will hopefully later on trigger an effect. Because that’s the kind of thing that would make this worthwhile.
  • Make that voltmeter actually move as well. That’s just a picture cut out to cover the face of a clock I tore apart. It’s not nearly so convincing in person. Maybe it should invest in acting lessons. Slacker.


~ by jesstracey on October 3, 2011.

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