Dog Meets Tribble

I tried to introduce my dog, Piccolo, to a tribble yesterday. I’m hoping, in a completely geeky way, that they can be friends and the tribble won’t have the noisy, trembling stuffing shredded out of him.

At first, Piccolo looked at me like this was something that he knew wasn’t going to be what he wanted. Like when you HAVE to hang out with a kid just because your parents are friends.

Attempts at butt-sniffing were completely thwarted, tribbles not being known for their big badonkadonks. This was proving funnier than when he tries to sniff cat butts.

Next came the tentative rolling. Seemed harmless enough.

Until the teeth came out.

Maybe, in time they can come to an understanding, at least…


~ by jesstracey on September 27, 2011.

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