My New Grocery Getter

I just got a new bike, and I Love It.

I have a car, but I realized that most of the grocery places I go on the weekend are either within walking distance (but not keeping-milk-from-curdling-in-the-damned-desert-heat distance) or bike distance. I feel pretty guilty about driving a few miles for food when I don’t really need it. Besides, biking is good cross-training for runners. So I thought about it and, although the kind of bike was not cheap, it was exactly what I wanted. It’s got a bell and kickstand and a couple of roomy bags hanging off its rack so that I can actually use this fancy pants bike as a grocery-getter.

I went on a couple of short runs to the Fresh & Easy, but today I wanted to take it further. Up a big-ass hill to the Trader Joe’s. (Hold on Sunflower Market at over 5 miles… I’m working up to it.) I took the lazy ’round about route, down a nice trail that goes up the hill gradually. I think that was a good move. I may very well have died going 500′ straight uphill. DIED. I was happy to take the sissy-route.

I had to get up early to do it, but not as early as I had to get up for my almost 17 mile run yesterday. (Lesson of the day: Trust me on the sunscreen.) It was beautiful and there was a breeze, and the way home was all downhill, so I guess you could say there were gale-force winds.

This bike is totally worth it. And that’s even before all the “going green” stuff that I’m sure is completely worthwhile and I might want to think about a little more.

When I got home, I made this awesome Chocolate Chipotle Tart from Frugal Foodie Family. IT’S THE BEST DESSERT I HAVE EVER MADE. I had to use whole wheat flour for the crust, but it didn’t detract at all from the filling. This is the kind of dessert that will make for the best evening of your life.


~ by jesstracey on September 26, 2011.

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