Today is a special day, me mateys. Not only be it Talk Like A Pirate Day, but it also be two long yearrrs to the day since I took into me berth a wee sprat I call Piccolo.

It was a hot morn, dry and sunned as the back of a pirate’s wench. I and me friend were taking in some instruction at a shelter for pets lost in the desert, in hopes of making their lives a bit easier, teaching pooches sprightly or hoary to convince the unwary to take them into their homes as their new cap’n. Aye, some young pups needed no learning at that art, I’ll tell ye.

Class was done and me matey and me were wandering through the brig, surveying our new charges. Some looked more promising than others, but none were unworthy, no. Cell after cell we wandered through, stopping to take pity on certain inmates. Passing near one cell a wee thing lay on the deck. Skinny beyond reckoning, hipbones jutting out, he still showed a certain elegance of breeding, though it was anything but pure. As I was pass’n by, he crossed his front legs and passed them daintily under the cell door. Such was the daintiness and deliberation of this pup, I had to stop and pay him some mind.

No scallywag did he become once out of his cell, but a perfect gentleman. A bastard son of some chihuahua and eye-talian greyhound he seemed. Gentle and personable, I had no choice but to be ensorceled by his charms. At the end of our first meetin’, I took him back to his cell and tried shakin’ the wits back into me noggin.

It was to no avail. The pup knew his business, and had done it well. Half a fortnight hence, I was signin’ me life (and his family jewels) away in order to take him away from his life of incarceration. He’s been a kind master to me ever since. For two years I’ve bent happily to his every barking order, and he’s treated his human with kindness in return.

This morn I made him pupcakes, which he appeared to be greatly pleased with. I expect he may allow me to rub his ears to recompense my good behavior.

~ by jesstracey on September 19, 2011.

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