Day 3 – In Which A THING Is Found

Today I spent some quality wandering through the hardware store, looking for bits and pieces. I’ve been wanting a flange to put on the side of the phonograph case, so that a crank can look like it belongs going through a hole in the side. It’s actually not very easy to find the thing that fits in my mind. In my mind I’m seeing a super-awesome metal bit that screws in and is the right size. I’ve found tons of NOT the right stuff. High-vacuum components looked the closest, but cost waaaay too much. Then I found this:

It’s actually a piece of furniture hardware, which I never thought to look at. I found it by accident while passing by a drawer labeled “Hard To Find”, or “Ta Dah! Look No Further” as I think it should be called.

When I got home I got out my circular saw and cut myself a piece of wood to turn into the base that the wax cylinder spit, horn, and buttons are going to be mounted onto. I stained them a walnut color, and was impressed at how not like a cheap-o piece of wood it looked when I was done.

The wax cylinders need a bit more work yet. I took the less good one and covered the foam edges with wood filler, hoping that I would be able to sand it into submission. Better, but still not awesome. Also, today happened to be crazy humid with doom filled thunder and lightning and piles of rain that could knock over small rodents escaping on rafts. Which meant that the normally dry as a bone paper wrapped around the cylinder also had some extra give to it. Not ideal, but things will dry out again soon and that won’t be a problem.

So stands the progress for the weekend. This week will probably be busy, since I still have marathon training, Greek lessons, writing and such, and that pesky work thing to do. Progress is encouraging!

Go get excited and make something!


~ by jesstracey on September 13, 2011.

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