Jurah Dutah

Today was my first day ever reporting for jury duty.  I expected one of two outcomes: complete boredom, or a stint on a jury for some minor Vegas-type court case. I was excused after a couple hours, and while it wasn’t at all exciting, it wasn’t terribly boring either.

I parked in the Fremont Street Experience parking garage. That’s where they tell you to park. No kidding. Where the tourists are supposed to park. I start walking the few blocks between the parking garage and the courthouse and notice some other soul walking the same direction I’m going and holding a jury summons with it’s little map on it.

“Ah, you got one too.” I say.

“Yup.” The dude says. “It’s gonna be great.” He doesn’t sound like he believes it.

“It’s my first time.” I say, trying to make polite conversation. Then I realized how wrong it sounded. At 8:30ish in the morning it was still ass early for me. I hoped he didn’t take it how my sleep-addled gutterbrain said it. Stupid gutterbrain.

“Uh, mine too.”

Whew. He doesn’t take it wrong. He falls behind me a bit.

At the courthouse there are are lots of people going through the doors at the top of the corner staircase from the street. We have to take off our shoes and bags and such. Kind of like the airport, but more understanding. No “random” searches. I notice the sign for a Capriotti’s Sandwich shop and go “OOOH!” before remembering that I brought my own lunch. “Aww….” I go to the third floor.

Then I sit. Some dude in the back of the room starts talking about how justice in this country sucks. How two guys can be arrested, one black, the other white. The black guy gets years in prison for a minor crime, and the white guy gets 30 days despite having a bunch of coke on him. Seems like a pretty taboo thing to talk about in a jury selection room, but when he’s got a good a point as he does – and we all know it – nobody tells him to stop talking. He’s not causing a scene, just making a point, and then stopping on his own. Good for him.

A little bit later they start the Educational Video. I think it must have been put together as a UNLV video class project. Covered all the bases, but a little shoddy on the “acting”. I don’t watch TV, but I think our hosts are a couple of married local news anchors. Little too much eyebrow inflection. Hmm. Ok. Maybe eyebrows are what make you seem trustworthy on TV. (Note to self: Use eyebrows sparingly lest ye be cast in a bad Educational Video and immortalized.)

More waiting… I decide to read a bit. Thanks, George R.R. Martin!

Anita (as she was called later) picked up the phone. She was talking to a family member, joking about how she was going to get out of jury duty. Possibly by telling the judge she had The Bipolar and couldn’t be trusted to make decisions. The guy next to her cracked up, and it was a little contagious. Gotta be thankful for humor.

Then rays of sunshine decend: A Break! 20 min. I eat a banana and find someplace with sun.

The courthouse has an atrium. The walls are this sandstone slate engraved with various law and justice oriented quotes. Some of them I suspect have been chosen without full understanding of their meaning. I may have to go back and write them down just to fully dissect the misunderstandings. The Bhagavad Gita? Ancient Indian Nation principles? Hmmn. Something tells me they didn’t see things quite the same way the modern USA government sees them.

I sit back down and decide to read some more. This time The Boys. Oh so inappropriate, and yet I can’t put it down.

That must have been the signal, because not long afterward the nice lady said a bunch of us were going to be excused because they didn’t need that many of us after all.

That was it. No more jurah dutah for 18 months to 3 years. A little anti-climactic, I feel.


~ by jesstracey on September 7, 2011.

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