Getting Excited and Making Things

Yesterday Davin asked me if I was interested in doing something for Halloween this year. And I said, “Yeah!”

Every year for Halloween, each department where I work is invited to compete in decorating their shop. One department goes WAY over the top. They always win, and they always deserve it, and I LOVE seeing what they come up with. My department usually drops the ball.

But this year we have a plan. We came up with the idea of turning our shop into Edison’s Evil lab. Electric chair included. Mwahahaha!

On you can download original silent movies and wax cylinder recordings from the man himself, Thomas Alva Edison. (I’m a huge fan of this site now. You can get so much cool stuff from that site and you really should check it out.) We’re going to create creepy remixes, with Davin doing the video and me learning how to use Garage Band to do the audio mixing.

We’re also looking at making wooden cabinets with big, ka-chunky double knife switches and meters and knobs and things to house the “controls” for the electric chair and the electroshock therapy bench. I’m thinking a microcontroller will connect to the switch, making voltmeters slam, a fogger spew from the metal hat of the electrocutee, and the lights in the room to dim and flicker. How cool would that be??

I’m really excited, and I’m going to make stuff!


~ by jesstracey on August 26, 2011.

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