Hurry! I don’t have much time!

I just got my Area 51 race photos back from Walgreens. Most of them were crap, but there is at least one that I love. I’ll just say that the G-men destroyed all of the photos with undeniable proof of extraterrestrial life. Not that I forgot to put new batteries in my flash. Eh hem.

After the race (13.1 miles in 2:08:55! Wahoo!), while I was freshly exhausted, I sat on the ground and took a look around. Sweaty people were everywhere. They were decked out in costumes and glow necklaces and were wearing glow-in-the-dark race medals. Everyone was bubbly, even at 3 am. It was also surprisingly cold for an August night in the desert. People filtered through the Little A’Le’Inn, where the owner set out a breakfast buffet for us. If you ever find yourself in the area, stop by. They are some really nice people. This has been my favorite race to do just because of the people you can meet there. Most of us were shivering as we stood around.

We kept asking each other what we saw on the run:

“Did you see the lighting? At least I think it was lighting, over the hills.”

“There were so many shooting stars!” (There was a meteor shower that night, for the record. It wasn’t exhaustion-manufactured UFO’s.)

“The moon was so bright! You could see so much by it!” (Although what I noticed was how much moon-shadows can look really creepy when you’re left to your own two feet to get back to where the aliens can’t get you. Oh, and it becomes impossible to judge distance.)

I wandered around a bit, before collapsing on a tarp.  I pulled out my camera and took a quick picture. I love how I look like I’m just waiting for the aliens to arrive and blast me with their ray guns.


Me: “Please, no! Oh, the humanity!”

Them: “Vogon-ity.”

Me: “Should have seen that one coming.”

Them: “Yeah. Come with us, please. We’d like to read some poetry with you.”

Me: ” NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Give me your ray gun! I’ll do myself in!”

Them: “Aw no. We’ve already lost a few nerds that way today. It’ll be the poetry for you.”

Me: “Worst. Death. Ever.”


~ by jesstracey on August 22, 2011.

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