Pack it up, Pack it in!

Last night must have been the best night ever to be in a car.

I was waiting at the forever-long traffic light, laughing my ass off at Wil Wheaton’s Memories of the Futurecast and having a generally good time, when I glance to my left and notice that the car in the other lane waiting to turn is bumpin’. Two dudes are in this little, silver, sticker-covered car, smoking cigarettes and bobbing their heads in unison. They had their own Night at the Roxbury going on. Then, as if on cue, the music jumps to “jet takeoff” decibels,  hands go up in the air, and they give an awesome karaoke performance of Jump Around. How can you not love that?

Later that night: I was sitting at another light, further away from the Strip. Wil Wheaton is still funny, and pointing out that he says “and, um” a lot and recommends that whenever he says those words, I should shout “BOOBS.” Sound advice, I feel. Anyway, a red car pulls up next to me, full of chicks, listening to something at a very reasonable volume for a residential neighborhood. (Seriously, thank you girls for considering the sleeping children.) Then, as if on cue, everyone in the car suddenly raises the roof and lip syncs to whatever softly playing club tunes they’ve got goin’ on. I love watching happy people.

I got home without further incident, and um BOOBS!


~ by jesstracey on August 20, 2011.

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