Workin’ on it!

I’m making myself a flux capacitor.

I’m making a flux capacitor.

No, really. I’m gonna do it.

Or so I’m telling myself. It’s a bit more daunting than I was hoping it would be.

I was online, doing nothing in particular one night. Then it hit me: I was going to do something magnificent! I would build a freakin’ flux capacitor, and I was going go install it in my ’07 VW Rabbit. It would have buttons and wires and be really installed. Like car stereo system installed. I’m talking upholstering the flashy bits into the back seat armrest flippy-downy thingy, wiring it to a control panel in the front, with an LCD screen and it would get actual speed information from my car’s CAN bus and it’d rock.

I started planning this thing out. I discovered some components that make this very do-able, and books written by hella smart people that will probably make more sense to me once I figure out what the hell I’m doing.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

1 – Arduino 2560 Mega
1 – Gravitech Nokia 6610 LCD shield
Lots – Wires, Header connectors and such
0 – Arduino Programming experience

That last one’s the problem. I know that I need to talk to the LCD via the SPI interface. I have some bits of theory, I’ve read some stuff. It seems like it could be easy… If I knew what I was doing. I know I could just waltz up to the forum and be all like “Hey dudes, wtf do I gotta do w/this?” but I don’t even feel like I’ve gotten far enough to be able to talk shop. I really need some geeks with some experience around me.

This project is going very slow so far.

Heavy sigh.


~ by jesstracey on August 16, 2011.

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